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Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence allegations can be extremely damaging. If you are charged with a crime of domestic violence the district attorney’s office can petition the court to have you held in pre-trial detention in a county jail as a “so called” dangerous person for up to 120 days. For individuals not held in custody the court could impose pre-trial conditions of release. Common conditions of release may require you to vacate your home, have no contact with your partner, and even prevent you from seeing your children. If you are convicted or admit to committing an assault and battery on a family or household member or violation of a restraining order you will be required to attend, and pay for, a forty session, court ordered intimate partner abuse program, where you will be required to admit that you are a domestic abuser.

Unfortunately, there are instances where individuals will make false allegations against their present or former partners to get the upper hand in a divorce or child custody dispute. Having skilled legal counsel on your side is necessary when facing such allegations. Attorney Perpall is a battle-tested trial attorney who will draw form his years of experience defending his clients against such claims to expertly defend his clients against all claims of domestic abuse.

Attorney Michael Perpall is committed to providing a zealous defense for all his clients charged with domestic abuse related offenses. Whether you are accused of violating a restraining order or are charged with assault and battery on a family or household member Attorney Perpall will expertly guide you through the legal process ensuring that your rights are protected throughout each phase of the case. At your free consultation Attorney Perpall will confidentially discuss your case in detail and offer best suggestions on how to navigate the tricky legal landscape associated with domestic abuse allegations. If you find yourself in need of counsel to fight domestic violence allegations, you should contact Attorney Michael Perpall at (508) 820-9966.

Client Reviews

Attorney Michael perpall is the only attorney I have ever truly trusted. I have been in a fair share of trouble over the years and have delt with about a dozen different attorneys. Mr. Perpall is respectful,courteous and extremely intelligent. I recommend him 100% to anyone looking for legal...


Michael Perpall was my Attorney for a very serious case. Mike’s demeanor kept me calm, he was always honest and I trusted him completely.. His knowledge of the Law is phenomenal. Mike kept in constant contact with me, his communication skills were impeccable. He spoke to me with respect and in a way...


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